Friday, August 15, 2008

We did it!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the doctor is in the house.... A couple of hours ago, I successfully filed my dissertation. We did it!!! 'Cause no WAY could I have gotten here without the support and encouragement of all the Villagers. There you all are on my dedication page: "To the Villagers, for keeping me honest." Give yourselves a round of applause - mission accomplished! Now the title should be, It Takes a Village to FINISH a Dissertation! Thank you all!


I Cappi said...

Our Dear Son,

We are so proud. Thank you for permitting us to walk with you all these hard steps that lead you to such happy conclusion.

Dear Cathy, thank you for being such a great wife, partner, and supporter of the new Doctor.

We love you very much, Mamy and Dad

steve said...

Sweetest lollipop ever.

Thanks again for letting us share the moment with you, DR. CARDONA.