Saturday, July 26, 2008


page count = 284

It's in! At 6:45pm last night, I emailed my committee a full revised draft of my dissertation. I travel to Berkeley on August 11 for meetings and making final changes, and assuming all goes as planned, file by August 15. Twenty-six miles down, 385 yards to go....

The last four weeks have been incredibly intense; my new job (see the June 30 blog entry) is exciting but already has me very busy, and I've been writing at night and on the weekends. The last week in particular was non-stop. But I'm proud to say that I've finished, and I'm happy with what I've produced.

I still have to write the Abstract and Acknowledgments and clean up the Bibliography, and the Conclusion could be tighter, but I have a couple of weeks to take care of those.

The Acknowledgments will be fun to write, as I have so much to be grateful for. Thanks again to all of the Villagers who have helped me get this far, and I look forward to letting you know when I've filed and gotten the famous lollipop!

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